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SMS Center Liberia enables businesses, governments and communities in Liberia and friends of Liberia to leverage the ubiquity of mobile messaging to inform, alert, notify, transact, interact and share information. SMS Center Liberia products and services increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and build trusted brands through direct, personal, easy, and immediate communications.
We are an innovator focused on mobile commerce enablement and a technology company providing SMS commerce to consumer brands and e-commerce businesses. We take your business to where your customers are through SMS with an easy to implement enterprise-grade SMS commerce enablement platform. Our products and services exist because we believe your customers deserve the easy-to-use, friction free, on-demand, digital commerce experiences we deliver.
We provide Improve and personalize the customer experience. Deliver higher customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales, improved business efficiencies, and reduced operating costs with our SMS platforms.

Sales Promotion

Having a sale? Why not promote it by sending an SMS to your customers? With SMS your message has a 98% chance of being opened within 3 minutes of being received. By cutting out junk mail filters and delivering direct to a handset, your message has the best possible chance of reaching its recipient.
Want to get feedback and valuable insights from your customers? Just ask them. With SMS customer surveys are easy to implement and make it possible to receive instant feedback. Even better, combine it with an in-store offer to drive additional engagement.

Customer Contact Database

The effective date is the date when the SMS Center Liberia Administrator set up an account for the User.This agreement, notwithstanding the date of acceptance or signature, will be deemed to have commenced on the effective date.


The portal allows you to save your contacts in the cloud and you can access it whenever it is required, it allows you to send single SMS, Bulk SMS, Group SMS.

Integration into other Software

We can provide api to integrate into your application through which you can set up your automated notification.

Contact Details

Phone: 231888121098, 231777870718

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